The SOC is now closed to new members further updates will be circulated to the members or can be found on the Presidents Prattle page.

Presidents Prattle

The Management Committee continue to work towards winding up the club and a full report of the situation will be sent out by email and also by DocMail to those who do not have an email address, before the end of 2018.

In the meantime the Management Committee will do three things.

  1. We will close membership to new members from now until this is resolved.
  2. We will not take any membership fees for 2019 from those who are members at the date of the August 2018 A.G.M.
  3. We will call a special general meeting for the purposes of winding up the Club to take place at 3:30p.m. (15:30 hours) on Sunday 26th May 2019 at Telford Naturist Club.

We continue to be open to any viable ideas but there must be a realistic plan of implementation and the proposers of any alternative plan must be able to show that they are able to complete it. Any actions must be in accordance with the SOC Constitution and must have a comprehensive risk assessment.

Mike Clarke


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SOC Contacts

Please be advised these officers of SOC give their time voluntarily and can on occasions take a while to answer, please be patient if you do not get an instant reply. – Thank you.

President:  Mike Clark :- president@soc-uk.info

Secretary:  Wendy Pettit:- gen-sec@soc-uk.info

Membership Secretary: Chris Meadows:- memsec@soc-uk.info

Treasurer Robin:- treasurer@soc-uk.info


Scotland & NE England  James nudjas@yahoo.co.uk

Far South West: Mike W

Other Areas are split between

Martin ao-sw@soc-uk.info also Ian P-G

Newsletter editor:- newsletter@soc-uk.info

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