Nicks Poem

Our Friend Nick

Nick, a gentle, caring and intelligent man.

When asked, can you help? Always answered, yes, I can.

Thoughtful, insightful and compassionate was he.

Never high and mighty, overbearing or twee.

Reliable to his friends both old and new.

He took time to listen and gave advice too.

An expert in computers; a big part of his life

With often parts scattered everywhere

To the frustration of his wife!

Not always serious, he enjoyed a good laugh.

He also liked to drink his Guinness

Preferably in a pint glass, not a half!

In his life, family played a hugely important part.

He loved them all dearly, close to his heart.

Iris was his wife , supporter and friend.

Her work as a therapist, so many she did tend.

A gentle calming lady, who was very petite.

A talented dancer, she was light on her feet.

Alexandra his daughter, the apple of his eye.

Anything to help people, she would always try.

Opera singer, crystal healer, therapist in sound.

Skills and talents with her all surround.

Nick played guitar and had a good voice too.

Enjoyed karaoke and a curry; one or a few.

The church and family life meant a great deal.

A man for whom his faith was very real.

Thank you for all your time, friendship and laughter.

You will always be remembered both now and hereafter.

Sleep tight, rest now with the angels above.

You gave so much to so many with real care and love.