SOC Prize Draw

SOC has a monthly prize draw

Members may enter, the cost is £12 per annum. ( You will be entered for 12 draws from when payment is received.)

All winners will be notified by post as they happen.

The winning members name will be listed below for both the current and previous months draw.

October 2017 draw winner is:- G. Robertson

November 2017 draw winner is :- Trevor Atkinson

To Join the monthly draw please fill in the below form and then make a payment: (Membership of the prize draw  is only open to members of the SOC)

First name
Last name
SOC Membership Number


Please either send a cheque  to the membership secretary or make a PayPal payment to

Please make cheques payable to ” Singles Outdoor Club ”

Please note you will not be entered into the prize draw until payment has been received.