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Single males or females, couples and families are all welcome.

We are a national naturist organisation with a difference: low membership fees but the ability to offer visits to clubs up and down the length of the UK.

Make the Singles' Outdoor Club your club this year. You have nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain.
Our AGM is always held at a naturist site, and all members are welcome to attend.

Anyone over the age of 18 may apply to join us - although we are called the "Singles' Outdoor Club", we welcome couples and families as well, so don't hesitate to bring your other half! But each person must become a single member, complete an application form, and pay the membership fee.

If you are married and your partner does not want to join, we would like a note from her (him) with your application to say that they do not object to you becoming a member.

If you have children and would like to bring them to events, they will need to be guests of the club we are visiting, rather than SOC. The event organiser can help arrange this. They will find others of their own age at most clubs we visit.

You can join us is by printing out the form at the bottom of this page and sending it with payment to:-


Or you can write to our secretary and ask for a brochure and membership application form at the same address. We use this box number so that you can always reach us, not because we are shy!. (Our committee members are elected at our Annual General Meeting each August, and so personal addresses change).

You can now also apply online and pay via Paypal.

Note: this is for new members only

Current fees (2016) for new membership (includes £5 admin fee) are:-

The SOC year runs from 1st January to 31st December.  As the main ‘season’  for events is obviously the summer (although we do have some activities during the winter and there are naturist swims etc.), we operate a system of reduced membership fees if you apply to join after the middle of the year – we feel this is fair as you may have missed the chance to attend some of our events.  Whatever time of year you apply to join SOC, send the full initial fee as shown in the box below, which includes a £5 joining fee.

There is now a discount for members who are willing to receive the Newsletter as an email attachment and not by post, which for this first year has been set at a reduction of £3 to reflect the saving in postage.

Initial fees Newsletter by Post Newsletter by email

Full-time students (#) and anyone aged
18 to 20 or over 65 (age at 31.12 last year)



Everyone else



Minimum membership age is 18 years.

# If a full-time student, please include a photocopy of your Students’ Union card

If you join after the end of June, then when we send the renewal notice to you for the next year your subscription for that year will be reduced proportionately


  • It is recommended that you are a member of BN British Naturism, the national naturist organisation.

    Their current fees (for 2017)are:-

    New members (includes £4 joining fee)

  • Couple under 65 £62.00
  • Couple 65-79 £59.00
  • Couple over 80 £52.00
  • Single member under 65 £42.00
  • Single member 65-79 £40.00
  • Single member over 80 £34.00
  • Student in full time education £24.00
  • YBN SPECIAL OFFER: If you are aged 18-30 then you can now join YBN at the special price of 10 (usual price 20). The offer is open to all new members, so if you have never been a member of a Naturist organisation before, now is a great time to join!

  • (Fees subject to change, correct on 27-11-2016)

    You can join BN through SOC. Download and print an application form from the bottom of his page (it covers both SOC and BN) and send it to us together with 2 cheques; your BN subscription cheque made out to British Naturism and your SOC subscription cheque made out to SOC.

    You can find a lot more information about the benefits of membership of BN, and apply to join online, on their web site.

    A printable copy of our SOC & BN application forms can be found at the link below. To use it, please print it, (A4 size), fill out the forms and send it to us by post including membership fees as applicable.

    When you are ready to join us, please return the application form(s) to:-

    WC1N 3XX

    with a cheque or postal order (payable to SOC) for the appropriate membership fee, and a cheque or postal order for BN membership (payable to British Naturism) if you would like us to process your BN application.

    If you are already a BN member, just return the SOC form and appropriate membership fee, with a photocopy of your BN membership card clearly showing year of validity.

    If Non-BN member then a cheque or postal order (payable to SOC) for the appropriate membership fee.

    Membership applications may take a few weeks to process, so don't feel rejected if you don't hear from us at once. Along with your membership card, we will send you a copy of our handbook and our latest newsletter with details of events.

Printable Membership Application form

Printable Microsoft Word .doc version
(89k, Microsoft Word or similar required)

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