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Membership Application Form

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This form is for use if you wish to pay via Paypal. Otherwise please print out a form from the "join us " page.

Applicants should be 18 years or over. Please complete all appropriate sections.

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If you are a BN member please enter your membership No.
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What other naturist clubs are you a current member of, if any?
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Explanatory Notes

Known as. Naturism is a very informal way of life, and naturists are generally known by their forename or nickname. Please include the name by which you are generally known. If you leave this blank, it will be assumed that you are generally known by your first forename.
BN. It is recommended that you are a member of BN. Many of our members belong to BN and they receive the quarterly BN Magazine. The fee structure for membership of the British Naturism is shown on their application form. If you do not have one, write to: BN, 30-32 Wycliffe Road, Northampton, NN1 5JF or visit their website on
Previous member. If you have been a member of Singles' Outdoor Club in the past, it may be possible to use your old membership number. Even if you cannot remember the number, a search of our records using your name and approximate membership dates will often find your old membership record, and the number and membership status can be recovered.
How did you hear about us? If you can tell us where you heard about SOC, this gives us an idea about how well our advertising is working.
Publicity. The club is approached several times each year by the media for a person or group to appear on radio or TV, or to give a press interview (with or without cameras present). This is good publicity for us, and we encourage members to accede to such requests. Examples of events in which our members have taken part are TV shows depicting a naturist walk, radio interviews on news magazine programs and press interviews about the naturism lifestyle. It is acknowledged that not all members are willing to take part in such events. Even if you indicate that you are willing to do so, you would always be asked if you are interested, with absolutely no obligation, before each such event.
Emergency Contact. Naturism is, generally, a very safe pastime. On rare occasions, however, illness or accident has resulted in the need to contact a relative or friend to inform them that their assistance is required. We would only make such a contact in those rare conditions of extreme need; and we would not inform the contact person that you are at a naturist event, just that you are have a severe problem and assistance is needed. Normally the contact person would be your next of kin, but there is no objection to a friend, your doctor or other person being nominated.

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