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Review by Heather, a founding member

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S.O.C. The Beginning

Having been a single naturist for a good number of years, I was delighted to read David Bradly's letter in the Summer edition of B.N. No. 68, about the possibility of forming a single naturists club. I wrote to him right away, and eventually 7 of us - 6 men and me - met at Charnwood Acres Sun Club courtesy of Peter Beckerton the proprietor who made us most welcome.

The weather was kind, so we were able to be au-naturelle for our 1st meeting. We chatted and discussed what we wanted from a singles club.

On the 16th January 1982 a crowd - the numbers was not recorded - of single naturists who had contacted David through his letter in the B.N. met in Slough on a very cold, snowy day, for our first General meeting. Under the guidance of the late Don Grahame and his wife Peggy a committee was formed. S.O.C. was up and running.

The first committee meeting was held at a lady member's house - yes - we had 3 lady member's already, even then. It lasted 8.5 hours. There was a lot to discuss - and needless to say we had a lot more stamina then. It was not helped by me, who was secretary with no knowledge of short-hand! David eventually recorded the meetings so that I could write them - longhand of course - at my leisure. I gave up as secretary as soon as someone else was found to take over. I really did struggle with those minutes; but carried on as A.O. until I married another member, Fred. I had always maintained that S.O.C. as a singles club should be run by singles.

Fred and I are still members, although we're married, because we have so many friends within the club. There will be a lot of you we have not met, because although Fred is retired, I work on Saturdays which makes weekend visits difficult. Like most of you we look forward to our annual visit to Telford SC, where we hold our A.G.M. at August Bank Holiday; because we know there will be lots of you we don't get to see often enough.



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