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Review by Jamie

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Hi my name is Jamie

I am the kind of nudist whose main pleasure is feeling the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the breeze on my whole body, but coming from a strictly non-naturist background made it almost impossible to go around in the nude at home, even as a kid. Adult life isn't always much better in this respect - the times during which I can wander around the house in the nude are very limited, my visits to nudist beaches abroad have been very occasional, and my solitary nude country rambles are not always as frequent as I would wish. Worse still, it took me 30 years to discover the existence of CCBN and the organised naturist movement.

My almost simultaneous joining of CCBN, SOC and a swim club immediately opened up an entirely new perspective of naturism. Enabling me to go naturist more often during any given month than had previously been possible during a whole year, I attended umpteen swims and camped at six landed clubs (five of them with SOC) during my first naturist season alone, and have since visited numerous others.

One of the really great things about landed and swim clubs is that they are almost the only places where you can take your kit off when you arrive and not have to put it on again until you leave. Nudity is accepted, acceptable and even expected - and it is this simple freedom, which makes these clubs such an important part of out naturist culture. Where else in Britain (apart from the occasional nudist beach) can you pursue recreational nudity with the complete peace of mind of knowing that you can't be arrested for supposed 'indecency' or being thought of as some kind of social oddity?

For single men there is, however, the inevitable fly in the ointment - some clubs are still reluctant to accept single male naturists as either members or visitors, and this is where SOC really comes into its own. As a national naturist club of some years' standing, SOC is well respected throughout the naturist movement, and we are fortunate to be invited to camps and day visits to landed clubs across the country. Individual differences aside, landed clubs all have one thing in common - they are very friendly places where you can go and meet old friends, make new ones, and socialise in the nude in a completely secluded environment. And on the subject of making friends, it is surprising how easy it is to get to know other naturists; the absence of clothing certainly breaks down artificial social barriers, and it is usually much easier to get to know a fellow naturist than a fellow textile.

SOC provides a means for all of us, whether single or partnered, to meet up at all those naturist events (including country walks and beach visits), which we would not otherwise even know about. I have tried a range of experiences in my time, but few compare with camping, walking, swimming, playing boules or just sunbathing - all in the nude of course - with like-minded friends on a fine summer's day. SOC offers everyone the chance to do just that every summer.


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