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Review by Roz

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Hi my name is Roz

A long time ago my husband and I went to Ibiza (it was 1980) and I went topless for the first time but I was wary in case folk thought I was his brother! (Perhaps if I had been naturist at that time, it would not have been such a problem.) I was quite relaxed about it until he got talking to the family alongside and I realised they were English - that for some reason made me feel more self-conscious.

This continued for some years, him textile, me semi-textile until, a few years later, we went to Mojacar and met a couple on the beach who were seasoned naturists. I think that was my first fully natural experience - even if we were talked to by a member of the Spanish police force about keeping covered when children were about.

After the holiday our new friends sent us a booklet and application form for CCBN - but we did not do anything about it at that time. It just did not seem to be ‘our type of thing’ - going to a club to get undressed in company apart from which it all seemed very athletic and energetic which neither of us were.

In 1988 we went to the Algarve and spent a whole week travelling to a wonderful, long beach every day to sit in the sun without a stitch to get in between us and the sun. Great.

In 1999 (the intervening years were totally textile!) I began to not bother about clothes in the house (my garden was such that one could see almost the length of the street and my neighbours were mostly elderly and "Welsh". Therefore not a suitable territory for sun-worshipping even semi-textile!) and in 2000 moved back to England to a small house in Oxfordshire with a tiny but secluded garden where I could take advantage of the sun in certain areas. Oh the wonder of being able to sit inside the patio doors and sunbathe out of the breeze when it gets late in the year.

Moving to Wokingham I had to use the same method for sunbathing as the ‘patio’ was overlooked by neighbouring properties. So I joined S.O.C. to be able to enjoy the sun and meet people who felt the same way. I had been considering joining a club near Coventry before moving to Berkshire and had made a few visits feeling very relaxed and meeting a lot of friendly and welcoming people but moving away stopped that idea.

Since my first S.O.C. event (Aztecs in July 2000), I have found that the members of the club could not be nicer and, even when I have been the only female member in the group, have found friendship and a welcome.

I just wish I had found the club many years ago instead of spending so much ‘textile’ time in Wales. I would recommend anybody, male or female, to join S.O.C. if they want to join a club but do not want to just visit the same place every week. With S.O.C. you can get around and meet new faces as often as you wish.


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